Best Free Blogging Sites In 2017

A list of blogging platform sites like WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger/BlogSpot i.e. websites where registered users can start an individualised web space for making blog posts of significant length (i.e. longer posts than what a microblogging site would allow). Writers who ask, Can I blog to get a book deal?” probably think of the blog as a lesser form of writing, merely a vehicle to something better.” No. A blog has its own reasons for being, and blogs do not aspire to become books if they are truly written as blogs.

And if it feels difficult to let go of certain opportunities, just recognize that there are seasons to your life — personal, spiritual, professional — and this is going to be your season of just this one project or aspect of your life, and not that and all the other things.

However, I have looked and looked but see no reference to Headlines and that if they are relevant Google and others love them as all they are really looking for is latest news…If we think of the search engines as news aggregators we won’t go far wrong, look at what first appears when you put a general search query into an SE – if it is topical – which all posts should be, it is generally the newspages that come up first – so, my point has been made….I hope….

Excellent post Tom and Matt, some seriously good points here, all right as well, I am not as good as I could be due to time commitments but I try to deliver quality content without the hard sell, ideally I want to build up a following, a network and relationships with people before I try to make money from blogging.

The only way to judge whether or not your blogging efforts are actually working is to have some type of analytics installed to measure your ROI Google Analytics is free and you can start seeing which posts are the most popular, which posts people are staying on the longest and even which posts aren’t performing so well.

Instead, they draw together text, images, online video, knowledge of pop culture and trends, business savvy, powerful and extensive social networks, and the skills to bring all of this to bear in a dynamic zeitgeist to deliver value for their audience, advertisers, and themselves.

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