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Blogging for kids is by far one of the more efficient ways of encouraging a child to excel as an individual. If you’re just starting out, read Getting Started with WordPress , which contains information on how to get WordPress set up quickly and effectively, as well as information on performing basic tasks within WordPress, like creating new posts or editing existing ones.

Some of this material—e-mails from soldiers on the front lines, from scientists explaining new research, from dissident Washington writers too scared to say what they think in their own partisan redoubts—might never have seen the light of day before the blogosphere.

In the following sections, I’m going to break down all of the important things you need to know about blogging before getting started — such as choosing the right niche for your site, why you should stay away from free blog hosting services and much more.

Now, after several years of blogging, I have a much better idea of what I want out of life and career—and it’s not what I used to unconsciously rattle off when someone would ask, What do you want to be when you grow up?” The clarity I get from writing about the things I’m passionate about has helped me learn a lot about myself.

I then started a very intensive part time university course on top of working full time, and found that I just couldn’t devote the time to my blog, and subsequently decided to go into ‘maintenance mode’ on my blog where I publish one new article per month, but for most of the articles I am conducting better quality SEO research and keyword competitiveness research before deciding what to write.

GloHoliday is a travel articles site that provides complete resources for traveling all over the world, including holiday destinations, festivals, public holidays, hotel booking, flight information and travel tips attracting thousands of monthly visitors.

Simply add a tag entry to your articles’ frontmatter Then, you can access the tags for a BlogArticle using the tag method, and you can get a list of all tags with their associated articles from If you set the blog.tag_template setting in to a template (see the default ) you can render a page for each tag.

If you have a big dream for your blog then you need the time and resources for it. Then you throw your money-making job into this mix, your family, friends, a little bit of exercise, maybe a hobby or two, personal growth … Did I forget anything?(probably, yes.) I think that we definitely need some balance in this cocktail.

Similarly to many people who have commented I have recently launched my blog and have a long way to go. In fact I have actually picked up my first paid blogging job for a major tour company so i am hoping that all goes well and be the beginning of a successful career in travel blogging!

This post was phenomenal and I found it at just the right time because I found out just the other night that I may have a little one on the way… If it turns out to be true, my life is in for a real big change and the way I run my businesses is going to have to change as well.

Articles for corporate blogs, for example, often discuss some problem in the industry and then illustrate how the company is working to solve it. The word blog” sounds hipper, but I agree that posts are essentially articles and should be compensated as such, especially when you must have deep knowledge of a company or industry to write the material.

The #1 place I’d love to get a mention from is Seth Godin’s blog, because quite a few of my blog posts are riffs” on his posts (quote an excerpt, and then add a bunch of my own thoughts — sometimes agreeing, sometimes disagreeing, sometimes running off on a tangent, etc.) I recently collected a bunch of my riff posts and made a Kindle book out of them (with a few added articles that don’t appear on my blog).

Regina’s Epic Blog is one of the best planners for bloggers because it includes lots of information on creating ideas, creating a blog business plan (for more on that, check out this epic article by her), writing a vision plan, crafting an ideal reader profile, and overall defining your mission.

Based on your research, it’s evident that reposting content on other sites isn’t something that will grow your site to new heights, and seems to be more risk than reward (especially if the site owner isn’t willing to slap a canonical tag on the post).

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