We can merely speculate how much mind-numbing gawking would occur if Johannes Gutenberg could witness the unbridled scope and sheer reach of even the most dismal of weblogs. Now let’s jump ahead a few months to December and as I continuously followed these blogs and learned from them, I kept asking myself, What do these blogger’s think is the most important blogging tip?” And as I kept asking myself this, I finally had an epiphany: Why don’t you just ask them, Cat?” (Yes, I talk to myself a lot).

Ghost is quickly becoming a strong up and comer in the world of blogging and is following in the footsteps of WordPress in that it offers both a downloadable version of the platform to install on your own server or you can use their online blogging platform (similar to Medium, and others) and get up and running with no software to configure.

Bloggers come to blogging arena with varying degrees of online and social media experience, but we’ve all made more than a few newbie mistakes – there’s always room for more learning and improvement, whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been blogging for years.

Make sure your content is great, over deliver in great content, so people LOVE to subscribe to your list, offer a freebie that they will LOVE, and to find out what they would Love you can do a poll in your blog post(s) to research various interests your readers have.

I am inspired and comforted whenever you do: 1) because holding this value and acting upon it makes life very simple and honest; 2) and if this is truly a key to success, then I don’t ever have to play the games and strategize in order to make good-it is freeing!

In fact, today’s blogs can provide hair tips, up-to-date news, technical information, celebrity scandal, political rumor, gets people involved in volunteering, advice on investments as well as there being blogs about niche topics like cooking, health, gardening, sport, blogging blogs (this blog) and of course many personal blogs and quite a few strange blogs.

Newsletters, too, are an interesting development: I get excellent ones from Alice Bradley of Finslippy , from journalist Dolly Alderton and from Emily Gould , which hit a sweet spot of compelling personal content, fascinating links and other goodies.

If you’re looking for a platform to share your written thoughts but do not want to pay for the flexibility of hosting your own blog, I recommend It’s one of the best free blogging sites for casual bloggers and you’ll have a blog setup within 15 minutes.

It provides users a broad range of options regarding link canonicalization, page titles, meta description, keywords optimization, noindexing categories, tags and archives, Google Plus authorship, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools verification.

It creates a page that is dedicated specifically to that one keyword, so anytime someone searches for the keyword that you’re focusing on, you will have a greater chance of being clicked on. Searches using these keywords often take people right to a specific blog page, so include them to boost your blog’s SEO power.

All you require to think about the keyword research for PR, link-building to authority sites for DA. I prefer SEO optimized template, SEO plugins & still forcing SEO better up to the stage where I wish this word or that in the title of the post that’ll cause more organic traffic.

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