How To Determine The Best Blogging Platform For You

With the Blogger app for Android, you can quickly and easily publish posts to your blog wherever you are. Not all of these reflected original reporting, like that of Sam Stein or Howard Fineman, but they were all articles that The Huffington Post was paying for in one way or another: whether to reporters, or to editors who curate and repackage content (sometimes brushing up against fair use guidelines) generated at other Web sites, or to news wires like The Associated Press.

My business is in the Holistic Health and Fitness area and my niche is focused on my ideal client, Health-Conscious Active Women either athletes or recreational sport lovers who are seeking the best of health, fitness and well-being so they can be consistently well and free of illness and be out there doing their sport they love without injuries and sickness.

I just focus on enjoying posting and while my blog does not rank up there, I do have a fairly close-knit group of folks who seem to love it. 🙂 And while I am not being pestered for book deals, (No – wait, I AM working on a few books in the health niche) I do have more clients than I can handle with the kind of work I really love.

Our professional SEO firm has clients from Edinburgh & Glasgow in Scotland to Manchester and London in England, and to Ireland, Russia, Australia and even as far away as Bermuda – we are truly a UK SEO company able to service local and word-wide markets.

This is because it has a lot of basic SEO functionality, such as pretty permalinks and contextual page titles, built right in. When you add and configure an SEO plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast , you’ll have a ton of common on-site SEO problems taken care of before you even start optimizing your content.

Foodica is a tremendously intuitive, powerfully flexible and easy to use WordPress responsive multi purpose theme, suited to be deployed for a number of different websites and projects of all kinds, but peculiarly well suited for food related websites, whether they be food industry related, restaurants, caterers, food critics and reviewers, or simply your average foodie blog, Foodica has the solutions you need.

If you really don’t know what you want to focus on then it’s fine to blog about anything and everything (it’s you blog so you can really do what you’d like) but you’ll probably find that certain topics will do well and you may find you enjoy blogging about certain things the most.

It’s hard work in the beginning and I’m afraid to say that the majority of business owners will make excuses and tell us why they can’t do it; all the while complaining about how the advice their getting from blogs isn’t helping them and this is a waist of time.

Absolutely – guest blogging is an end in itself in terms of gaining attention and stealing” audience, but in my experience on many blogs (such as those I mentioned in the post) on average about 2% of people who read the post then click over to my site/blog.

In addition to being a columnist for Publishers Weekly, Jane is a professor with The Great Courses, which released her 24-lecture series, How to Publish Your Book She also has a book forthcoming from the University of Chicago Press, The Business of Being a Writer (2017).

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