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There are many discussions around the pros and cons about hosting your blog on a free platform or on its own domain It’s undeniable that both options have its own pros and cons and both suit the needs of different bloggers. Over the years it has been my experience (blogging in personal development niche) that educational, inspiring list posts go viral far more often than any other form of post. This recommendation is given because unlike WordPress, you don’t need technical skills for managing your SEO on blogger. Something for me to ponder upon and to align up my blogging schedule to put in content time to time.

I tend to think of what I do here on the blog more like what a book critic would do rather than a marketer would do. Critics make distinctions about what books to read/not read (even review copies) and decisions about how to cover them. Its really a great news for me. I always wanted to become a huffpost contributor. Recently, after spending plenty of time on Instagram, I wondered why I hadn’t started my own blogging sooner. Whenever I hire a new author to work on one of our blogs, I have to give them manual inputs and checklists to help them to write better articles. So that’s my advice: be ready for the long haul, and be prepared for your blog to take some time and hard work before it begins to take off.

Here on WPMU DEV, we display social media sharing buttons at the left hand side of articles using the WordPress plugin Floating Social The plugin ensures that the sharing bar scrolls down with the page so that it is visible at all times. This is another free blogging platform based on the free WordPress software and hosts the blog for you. Also, try to remove links to other sites that have been penalized in the past, assuming you know about it. I’ve been blogging for less than 2 years, so by no means consider myself an expert.

It is a worthy life goal to find your way to that position, or tweak your current position to be more like that. Links should be either naturally occurring or you should work your butt of writing guest posts or commenting on relevant blogs to get yours! I am glad you have such a strict schedule for blogging and have been inspiring so many bloggers with this blog. I love this post as I am new to blogging with ads even though I blogged for years on a personal level (). Bookmarked it & subscribed to your feed. TypePad : A fairly feature-rich blogging application, but users must pay a monthly fee to use it.

I am totally agree with you here that SEO is still alive and I think it will be alive forever. Even the tabloid papers would have a hard time coming up with that much sex and personal drama. What happens when making a site more SEO friendly reduces usability and adds more distractions for visitors. I’ll answer these questions for each platform and share some of the other features which make the platforms unique. I remember reading that it’s not a good idea to switch landing pages (bad for SEO).

Well, you can also make money blogging by selling someone else’s products and services. Rather, these tips are meant to get you started with improving SEO for your blog in particular. Finally we started writing new blog posts and publishing them regularly (at least once a week), accompanied by free photos from Unsplash , Pexels , and the Library of Congress And the rest is history. By following these blogging tips and tricks for beginners, your business can also grow blog traffic, generate social shares, and acquire more leads! There was backlash from the book blogging community and people in the publishing industry were upset. I know there are guest bloggers, but it’s tough for new bloggers to gain their interest. Andrew Sullivan is an expat Brit, blogging pioneer and defier-in-chief of American political stereotypes.

Mostly I just faff about on the internet and somehow manage to pass my life long work of trying to get people to read good books off as being a somewhat sane and professional book blogger. I know you write daily and that’s why you are able to create so much content almost every single day across all the platforms online. Blogging is definitely something I will go back and restart doing once I become totally financially free with kindle.

There are other reasons businesses might want to blog, but I think they’re smaller and stray from the core benefits of blogging. I want more of a list presentation for posts with a top bar and right bar for featured content/sign up/ads. If you’re not a customer, you can use these tips as a sort of checklist as you blog.

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