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So it seems all we ever speak about is WordPress , but don’t forget that you have options when choosing a blog platform. We also have reason to believe that content on eHow originates from here, giving you and your articles even more exposure. Karen – you might want to add Small House Society -house-society and Tiny Yellow House to your list. By knowing the ins and outs of your blogging platform, you’ll ensure that your posts look as good as they can. Stacey, one of the best tips I’ve found regarding my blogging is to be extremely organized, especially when it comes to creating files and folders for them on my laptop. Mr. Gajri joined HDFC Standard Life in April 2009 with a rich experience of 14 years in investments and banking industry.

StudioPress : The Genesis Framework is a WordPress framework that allows you to rapidly build an attractive website and make very powerful changes to the design and functionality without needing a web developer using several different themes. Jennifer Roland is a freelance education, healthcare, and technology writer — and the guest-blog editor here at Make a Living Writing. Now, I understand you cannot afford to put in so many blogging hours if you are working elsewhere too. The blogging software WordPress is widely supported by most hosting companies, thus there won’t be much trouble if you wish to transfer your blog from to your own hosting in future. Think of it as solving for your SEO while also helping your visitors get more information from your content. That’s often lost, and people might not consider that they can lose readers because of bad writing and editing. Edublogs is the most popular and widely used blogging platform for education services.

If you’re not so technically inclined and want a quick WordPress setup that is Free out of the gate with zero cost backups, virus scanning and more, read on! Head over to the Google Keyword Popularity Tool and invest some time in keyword research to better understand which keywords drive the most traffic. High quality articles will also generate more incoming links to your website, strengthen your brand, and increase loyalty from readers, existing customers, and potential customers.

And make sure you pick something that can travel with you over the years because once you’re in the game, it’s really really hard and expensive to do a rebranding and renaming of your blog. What I’m saying is, is that most bloggers are successful because they’re good marketers, not because they’re good writers. Make surecom or the correct extension of your choice is selected from the drop down menu beside it.

U.S. is the approach you need to take if you want to have the best of blogging and life. You’ll find that, by sharing your truth with others on a daily basis, not only will you be contributing to them, you’ll start to know yourself at a level deeper than you’ve ever experienced. Helping others out when you can, seems to be a good way of getting on in the blogging world. Today we are giving away a copy of a new exciting book, Food Blogging for Dummies, by Kelly Senyei. Don’t be afraid to invest your time and money into something you believe in – whether that means paying for more travels as a travel blogger or new garments as a fashion blogger. As it appears from the timetable, I get about 6 hours of blogging time that I can allot to my preferred blogging tasks. I just created a post about ’10 blogging babes to keep an eye out for in 2011′.

Anyway, thanks for all the valuable tips and especially for highlighting the importance of engaging with my fellow bloggers. I have been blogging for five months now, and starting a blog was one of the best things I ever did for me. It is so much fun to share your thoughts and feelings with others. So it is only natural to seek out the enrichment that can be gleaned for our children through blogging for kids. In terms of SEO, I don’t think by blogging about a range of different things will effect this.

As for qualitative studies, they accounted for almost 30 percent of the articles based on empirical data (N=47, 28.3 percent). About Blog – SEO by the Sea provides Internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) services and consulting to help your site reach the audiences that want to find what you offer. If you need a SEO company to come in, audit your online marketing activities, and improve search engine rankings and traffic – contact us today to see how we can help you dominate your niche! I have used Tumblr before, and it’s certainly not for me. And I am not interested in using wordpress. Why I Love It: This is another long-time read for me, and one that I still completely look forward to tuning into daily.

Several online-only journals publish articles that have article numbers rather than unique page ranges. But I’m making travel blogging out to sound like it’s an awful time-suck that keeps me from having a life. If you’re looking for family blogs, check out Big Book Little Book and We Sat Down BBLB reviews all books from picture books up to adult ones. Two problems though, I tried clicking on the simply blogging links and they took me a site missing page. It is user-friendly yet it may take a while for the beginners to come through multiple features. These are people who don’t buy a lot of books (or sneakers, or cereals) a year, but when they do buy one, they buy a popular one.

What is known as micro blogging, the style of blogging on a Tumblr blog is focused on short and frequent posts that are normally longer than Twitter updates but not as in-depth and formal as a regular blog post you’d find anywhere. We run a small online store in Australia and found the budget to hire a SEO for our huge product range beyond our budget. Your case seems to fall under 2. You do not want to blog, you make money from the blog, it is just a way of marketing. So keep coming on this page to improve your blogging skills and getting valuable blogging tips. I have reviewed over 170 books , most of which I’ve received free from the publisher, using one of the options shown below.

Oh and twitter is totaly useless as far as I am concerned not to be so negative on what used to be such an awsome platform and for some things it is but not for getting the word out about blogging or how to market or the next best thing. My top 3 blogs I would like to get a shout out from is – they are photography based – run by asian girls and combine beautiful lifestyle and fashion. It’s FREE for everyone to use (including themes, layouts and add-ons that many other blogging platforms don’t provide). I was thinking of using free blog platforms but now I’m convinced to invest and go to paid hosting and platform. Your domain name should roll off the tips of your fingers and the tips of your tongue without any problem. This may mean optimizing older content assets, as well as developing a new SEO content strategy.

While, their product will help you make intelligent marketing decisions, the KISSmetrics blog offers tremendous marketing advice and value. If everything else is the same, readers will be more motivated to read and share ‘35 Blogging Tips’ than15 Blogging tips” And, odd numbers are more popular with readers. Unfortunately, you won’t have a lot of options regarding themes and templates with a free blogging platform. Promise me, before you begin this bit, that you are busy and excited about your travel plans and that you are focussed on producing regular quality content for your blog. So one thing I wanted to tell you about blogging this year is that you really want to start thinking about blogging in the next year That means planning, researching and developing ideas now instead of later. Blogging challenges you to look beyond the obvious, to ask questions where everyone else simply nods, and to set the status quo on its head.

Remember that results aren’t always immediate – things take time but there has to be a cut-off point where you either figure out why it isn’t working and make it work, or move on to the next piece of advice. If you are already using any of the platforms, feel free to leave a comment below.

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